Euromax Professional catering deep fryer only 8 liters with tap . Suitable for long-term use.

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Model 10360K

Dutch manufacturer with high quality components.
Guards over the element.
Sturdy basket with secure suspension from the top block.
Cold zone with sloping bottom to the tap.
Oil level indication (+/-).
High-performance heating element with rapid heating design.
Only 6.5 liters of oil are needed in the box for optimum saving capacity!
Maximum capacity 1.5 to 2KG per basket.
Microswitch on the top block with 2 indicator lights.
Special wiring with an extra thick cable (length 1.5 meters) including plug.
Dimensions of the basket: W21xD23xH11 cm.


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  • Power: 3.4 Kw/230V.
  • External dimensions: W270xD420xH360 mm.
  • Basket dimensions: W21xD23xH11 cm
Packaging: Width: 280 mm Length: 490 mm Height: 375 mm Weight: 8 kg   User manual for Prof fryers

In Stock

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