Potato Peeler

The potato peeler and onion peeler are made entirely of stainless steel and are equipped with all the most modern safety devices. The CE version, in compliance with the safety standards of the European Economic Community, is equipped with an electric push-button panel with a 24volt card, a safety microswitch on both the door and on the lid and a red emergency push button.
The machines are equipped with a speed reducer with belt transmission, and the multigrip belt is silent, safe and easy to adjust.
The transparent glass lid allows the operator to control the working process.
The automatic unloading and water filling device is Ø 50 mm for the potato peeler, and Ø 70 mm for the onion peeler.
The plate of the potato peeler is made of silicon carbon or aluminum, while that of the onion peeler is coated in very fine granules and has a 20% lower rotation compared to the potato peeler.
The multigrip strap is quiet, safe and easy to adjust.


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Material stainless steel
Tank capacity 15 kg
Hourly production 450 kg / h
Motor kW 0.75 V.230 / 50Hz OR V.230 / 400 / 50Hz
Power 1.0 hp
Engine revolutions 1360 RPM 1400 RPM
Net weight 36 kg
Gross weight 40 kg
Dimension 40 x 50 x 90 cm
Packing size 100 x 60 x 55 cm
Options stainless steel trolley

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