Menumaster Microwave RCS511TS

Cooking, reheating and defrosting are made easy with the Menumaster RCS511TS large capacity programmable microwave. With a generous 34 liter internal capacity, there’s plenty of space for larger dishes or multiple smaller plates. The x2 functionality does the maths for you – automatically adjusting the cooking times if there’s more than a single plate of food in the microwave. The Menumaster has many features to streamline the cooking process, from one-touch start to the simplicity of an ergonomic easy-open door.

Product features

  • Color Stainless Steel
  • Large Cavity
  • Touch panel control
  • Stackable
  •  & Labor
  • Heavy duty
  • Removable filters with cleaning reminder
  • Programmable


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Capacity 34 Liter
Dimension 352(H) x 559(W) x 483(D)mm
Body Material Stainless steel 304
Weight 19kg
Voltage 230/240V
Power Type 1.55kW, 230/240V, 13A

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