Kastel Ice System KS 140/25

The KS series granular ice makers, entirely made of stainless steel, boast an innovative mechanical concept.
These ice makers are available either with built-in or separate ice storage bins. To produce granular ice an Archimedean screw’s rotating blade scrapes the ice off the inner surface of a stainless steel vertical cylindrical evaporator and then moves it into an ice crusher which processes it, lowering its residual water content.


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  1. Dimensions (WxDxH): 500x670x796 mm
  2. 24 hr production (21°C  – 15°C ): 140 Kg
  3. Storage capacity: 25 Kg
  4. Ice type: granular ice
  5. Cooling system: A/W
  6. Total power: 700 W
Granular ice 

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