Icecream Maker

Gelato 12k ST is the gelato machine designed by Nemox for the professional who loves to study and develop his own recipes without being subject to too many constraints. Gelato 12k ST is compact in size and is equipped with frontal extraction of the preparation and vertical churning system to respect tradition and quality. Gelato 12k ST is able to churn 3 kg of mixture in 10/ 15 minutes.

The speed of the blade is adjustable between 60 and 120 rpm to allow the freezing and the best overrun according to the recipe used. Gelato 12k ST is easy to use. The machine works in manual mode and the operator can decide when to extract the ice cream by reversing the direction of rotation of the blade and opening the gate.

To facilitate the extraction of the ice cream, the machine is equipped with a temperature programmer, which is set by the user for each recipe, so that once the set temperature is reached, the ice cream remains at that temperature, waiting
to be extracted. Compared to the previous model, the thermodynamic system has been upgraded, consequently increasing the power of the condenser ventilation system.

Air cooling. Connects to a 10A single phase socket. Gelato 12k ST thanks to the technology used has a limited weight and can be easily transported and moved. Cleaning is facilitated as a slide, gate, tray support shelf, all parts made of stainless steel and can be easily removed.

The casing is made of stainless steel and the machine complies with NSF regulations with respect to food processing machines.
As far as safety is concerned, the machine complies with the relevant European legislation and with respect to the environment it complies with the latest European legislation on F-gas.

Accessories included:

n.1 Gelato spatula
n.1 Removable inserts set
n.1 Gasket set


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Appliance Dimensions 450x695x1050 mm
Net Weight 77 kg
Production per cycle Every 10-15 minutes 3 kg (4 l)
Production per hour 12 Kg / 16 l.
Shipping Carton 600X660X1340 mm
Gross weight 87,1 kg

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