Gas Burners Range



Exterior and interior construction in austenitic stainless steel (non-magnetic), except backrest.
Fully removable front control panels for easy maintenance.
Manifolds in one piece, flared by temperature.
Stainless steel tube legs adjustable in height from 6” to 8”.
Required working pressure for LP: 10” WC
Required working pressure for NG: 5” WC

Powerful “Open” burners of the latest generation and high capacity, 30,000 BTU/Hour each, made of cast iron, removable to facilitate cleaning of their holes.
Independent pilots for each burner.
Reinforced valves, ANSI/CSA certified.
Reinforced upper grills, removable, made of cast iron, equipped with special tabs to protect the pilots.
Stainless steel tray/fat collection tray, removable for easy cleaning.

Porcelain floor and inner door.
Sides and roof in stainless steel.
Reinforced and removable door hinges.
Powerful, state-of-the-art, high-capacity “Type U” burner, 30,000 BTU/Hour, controlled by a safety thermostat from 200 °F to 550 °F, ANSI/CSA certified.
Safety pilot valve for the pilot and for the burner, ANSI/CSA certified.
Spark pilot ignition.
Chromed wire rod grills (1 per oven) with dimensions to receive “American baking tray”, with dimensions of 650 x 450 mm.

Dimensions N/A

4 pc, 6 pc


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