Euromax convection oven 60×40 & 1/1GN – 380V

Euromax convection oven 60×40 & 1/1GN – 380V – with revolving door to the left – 2 turbo engines – with moisture injection.
!! Note: this oven is supplied without a plug!!

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Euromax large powerful convection oven for baking (frozen) bake-off products, steaming meals and preparing meat, fish and vegetables.

Model 10916PBH

  • 4 layer Turbo oven with runners suitable for 60×40 and 1/1GN.
  • Exterior and baking chamber made of stainless steel aisi430.
  • Sturdy construction of the door with wide stainless steel handle, stainless steel protective strips and reinforced hinges.
  • Delivery without plug.
  • Supplied as standard including 4 grids 60x40cm.
  • 8 cm mutual distance between the floors.
  • 2 powerful turbo auto-reverse engines for fast, perfect hot air distribution and even heat in the baking space.
  • Thermostat adjustable from 50 to 285 degrees maximum, with overheating protection.
  • Timer adjustable from 10 to 120 minutes with buzzer as end signal and continuous position.
  • Separate on/off switch to operate the oven.
  • Door switch to stop the motors when the door is opened.
  • With direct moisture injection by means of a pulse switch (water connection 3/4″ at the back).


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  • 2 halogen (40W) interior lamps in the baking area.
  • Total power 6.4kw/380V (16Amp).
  • Outer dimensions: W815mm x D690mm x H570mm+35mm height adjustable feet.
  • Baking space dimensions: W650mm x D470mm x H360mm, with rounded corners.
NB When installing, take into account 2 to 3 cm extra space at the rear for ventilation and the plug. !!Note: this oven is supplied without plug!!
Packaging: Width: 80 mm Length: 100 mm Height: 80 mm Weight: 65 kg   User manual for convection ovens

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